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There are billions of apps on the App Store which is one of the largest markets in the world. Visited daily by millions of users, it is open 24/7 and accessible with just one touch on the device. The same quick action is required to get and start using a new app and  people do it many times per day.

There is also a large population of developers keep submitting new apps and contributing to make the mobile app ecosystem one of the biggest and fast-growing industries on this planet.

In this dynamic context, competition is strong and the variety of available products is huge in response to the expectations of an evergreen generation of i-customers.

The way mini apps wants to match the people satisfaction is just clear in its name: small size.

That means to make the functionality work in a few megabytes, faster and safely.

Using the resources of the device in a discreet manner, this approach will save its battery life and avoid useless or unwanted behaviours.

That means no advertise and no pushing, no big cost to sustain and charge for.

That means value within simple products.

Ultimately, every app comes from a real life need and wants to be a solution, help, support to the user. There is no intention to make the customer pay for something unwished and no risk to download any disappointing product. Transparency makes our apps reliable.

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